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SoDak Salsa

SoDak Salsa



2 reviews for SoDak Salsa

  1. Jim

    Being from south central Texas I am very picky about my salsa. My recent visit to South Dakota I picked up a packet of SoDak salsa mix. The instructions suggest that I mix it with diced tomatoes, I mixed it with 3-10 ounce cans of rotel. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. And oh my goodness it is the best.

    • Tawana

      It is so easy and delicious! I have to admit you must like a kick! Thank you supporting our business.

  2. Monica Bunce

    When we visited from NY last year, we stopped at the Rushmore Candy Store and I picked up 4 packages of this and the salsa is absolutely delicious. I will not eat any other salsa because of how tasty this is. I just placed an order to restock.. Highly recommend this product to anyone who likes salsa! It’s the best out there!

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