Soups/Meal Mixes $9.00

* denotes Gluten Free Products

Grassland Gourmet & Gifts LLC is presently packaging 11 soup recipes as well as a
chili mix.

*Dawg Gone Good Beef Stew is a hearty stew with a rich flavor that requires only the addition of your choice of meat, stewed tomatoes, and water.



Kickin' Chickin' Tortilla Soup is a low calorie version with a good kick of jalapeno. To make the soup you need a 10 oz. can of tomatoes with chilis, chicken, and water. You may wish to add cheese, crushed tortilla chips and/or sour cream  to finish off this tasty soup.



Crock-pot Wild Rice Soup is a creamy combination of white rice, wild rice, and vegetables. This  soup is easily prepared by adding water and the soup mix to a crock-pot and cooking on low for 6 to 8 hours. Then just add evaporated milk and the meat of your choice and continue to cook for 15 minutes. Goes well with Mama O'Grady's Beer Bread. 



Betty Nell's Potato Soup
 is a creamy blend of potatoes, onions, celery, carrots, and seasonings.  This soup is easy to prepare  by adding water and the soup mix to a crock-pot and cooking on low 6 to 8 hours.  Add a can of evaporated milk, grated cheddar cheese, and browned, crumbled bacon. Heat thoroughly before serving. 


Bag O' Noodles Turkey Soup is a great way to use holiday leftover turkey or chicken, but is tasty any time of the year.  Just add water and the meat of your choice and cook in the crock-pot or on the stove.  Your family will love this hearty noodle soup.


Suzy's Beefy Barley Soup is a healthy combination of hamburger, barley, and vegetables. Prepare on the stove-top in an hour or combine in the slow cooker to serve later.

Country Zuppa Italian Style stands alone but you may add cooked Italian Sausage for a hearty soup meal. This seasoned blend of white beans, spinach, zucchini, carrots, and other vegetables is an excellent way to get your veggies for less than 150 calories per serving without the meat.


​​​Tomato Bisque soup is smooth, creamy, and highly seasoned.  Mixed with a can of diced tomatoes, half and half, and butter it's the cooks choice to serve this soup chunky or blended smooth.  Serving with grilled cheese sandwiches made from Grassland's beer bread is a wonderful option.


​​Lip Smackin' White Chili  is a twist on traditional beef chili. This soup mix added to 2 or 3 diced chicken breasts and served with a dollop of sour cream is a meal by itself or you can add your favorite Grassland Beer Bread. 


CheeZy Burger Chowder is America's all time favorite meal, made into a Grassland soup for your enjoyment.  The soup mix is combined with browned hamburger and water for a nutritious meal.


Creamy Chicken Noodle Chowder 
is a hearty mixture of chicken, noodles and cheese.   Combine the Grassland Gourmet soup mix with cooked chicken and water for a convenient meal that will satisfy the entire family.

Soup Prices: retail $9.00 each

Slam Dunk Chili:

*Slam Dunk Chili is a crowd pleaser and provides all the spices, onions, and peppers necessary for a great chili. You simply add ground beef, tomatoes, and the beans of your choice.

Chili- Retail $6.50 each

Meal Mix:

Gramma Faye's Pot Pie: Gramma Faye's Pot Pie Mix is a versatile main meal in a bag! Just add cooked chicken, water and milk to the bag of vegatables and seasonings. Simmer and pour into a pie shell or top with biscuits.
Better yet, top with Tater Tots and bake! This will become one of your family favorites.  You may also add more liquid and serve it as a soup. 


Gramma Faye's Pot Pie- $9.00
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