Wine & Beverage Mixes  $9.00

Grassland Gourmet & Gifts LLC has developed three recipes to enhance wine and a frozen coffee beverage.

The Devine Wine Medley is a warm infusion of wine, fruit, and spices. On a cold winter night, Devine Wine Medley warms you inside as well as outside. It is great for gatherings or by the fireside. As an added bonus, if any is left  over, it can be refrigerated, reheated, and enjoyed later. 


The Goosebump Wine Slush is a slushy infusion of fruit, spice, and wine. This slush is refreshing with a splash of club soda. It keeps well in the freezer and is a tasty summer drink to enjoy with friends. 


Lemon Pucker Freeze is mixed with a bottle of Chardonney or Pinot Grigio and a bottle of water. Can be either frozen or mixed with ice in the blender for a citrus wine slush.
An alternative is a slushy Lemon Drop. Add 1 cup vodka, 1/2 cup triplesec, and 6 cups of water to the mix and freeze or serve on the rocks.


Wine Mix Price: retail $9.00

Beverage Mixes

Karla's Koffee Kooler
is a refreshing coffee alternative savored by one or a blender full for friends. This French Vanilla coffee slush is simply mixed with water and frozen or blended with ice. Make it a party by adding Irish Cream or Kahlua.


Coffee mix price: retail $9.00

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